Friday, February 17, 2012

FairPro 2012

Chennai Property Fair (FairPro) 2012 is starting today in Chennai Trade Center. A lot of builders are attending (Find details below). The entrance ticket will be Rs.20/-

You can also get a free entry by registering in We will be there doing a round up. Hope to update you people on that.

Financial partners:
HDFC Home loans

Participating Builders:

Adroit, Agni, Akshaya, Alliance, Arihant, Arun Excello, Asvini, Baashyaam, BBCL, CASA Grande, CeeDeeYes, DEVINARAYAN, EMBASSY, ETA Star, Ganga Foundations Pvt Ltd, Golden Homes, Godraj Properties, Green Peace, Inno Geocity, Isha Homes, Jain Housing, Jamals, JBM Shelters, KGEYES, L&T, LANCOR, Landmark Construction, Mahindra lifespaces, Malles, mantri, NATWEST, NAVIN'S,  NEWRY, OLYMPIA, OM SHAKTHI, Ozone Group, PACE Builders, PACIFICA, PLAZA, PRESTIGE, PURAVANKARA, PUSHKAR Properties Pvt Ltd, RCC, RC, RAJKHAM, RWD, REAL VALUE, Regaliaa, ROMAA, ruby, S&S, Shriram properties, SOBHA, Sidharth Foundations, SIS, SPRRG, SREEROSH Properties, SSDL Ltd, TATA Housing, TVH, unitech, VGn, VISHWAKARMA, VOOrA, YUGA Homes Ltd

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