Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sterling Holidays Tourism Offer tour to Ooty /Kodaikanal/Munnar

  • Sterling Holidays Tourism Offers Tour to OOTY / KODAIKANAL/ MUNNAR
  • Select any one of the places to visit
  • 3 days tour in Luxury bus
  • Rs 7000 only for adult , Rs 4,500 for Child (3-12 years)
  • Bus Charge , Accommodation ,  Food , Visiting Places , Entertainments , Sightseeing ,Fun Activities , everything includes in Rs 7000
  • This offer only for first 100 people
  • Don't Miss it
More Info : Toll Free 1800-425-6565 ,    ,

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Jothi said...

It is believed that the name Nila, has been in use for over 800 years since, the King of the Hoysalas Vishnu Vardhana, who ruled from 1104 to 1141 AD seized the Nilgiris Plateau.

gopi said...

cost of the tour is too high for our budjet

Martina Jolie said...

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Nithi said...

Thanks for sharing the post....
We planned to go on next month for that we Book Bus Tickets through ticketgoose...
Thank you...

Unknown said...

Amazing post! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post with us!!


Unknown said...

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